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Grow online today is a Lead generation focused marketing agency helping businesses to generate high quality leads for their services and 10x their sales with Paid advertising

About Sanjit Chakrabarti – Founder & CEO of GrowOnlineToday

He is son of an engineer and a great house woman.

A computer science graduate and web developer turned digital marketing and Shopify Developer.

Also, a 2 times google summer of code participant.

Founder @ GrowOnlineToday.com – A Lead Generation Company with FaceBook Ads

Co-Founder @ Digitalmarket.com – Marketing Automation Company.

Now, he is on a mission to help businesses make 10X sales by building high-converting funnels using the right tools and plugins.

Endorsed By Gaurav Gurbaxani – Top Marketing Influencer of India

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Dm review sanjit
Dm review sanjit
Dm review sanjit
Dm review sanjit

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Sanjit is Internationally Certified

About Sanmay Biswal – Our Rockstar Performance Marketer

Let us tell you an Interesting Fact.

Did you know that people call him CRAZY coz instead of skipping any ad he watch it till the end and try to recreate it in his mind and then on doc

He’s a Marketing consultant working with Startups to help to increase their Customer, sales, and conversions.

With the experience of more than 4 years working with clients especially Startups across different Industries like Software as Service ( SaaS ), Finance, Education, Self Care, etc

In the span of 4 years working as a Marketing, professional helped him to develop key important skills like:

1. Sales
2. Copywriting
3. Social Media Management
4. Content Marketing
5. Brand Management and Strategy.
6. Lead Generation.
7. Client Communication.
8. Effective Presentation
9. Negotiations

And he has been doing this thing officially since he was in 11th grade when he got his first Internship with an NGO.

While his Friends were reading HC Verma he was figuring out how can he sell Stuff to Sharma’s, Verma, Gupta’s, and Everyone else( Yeah very bad PJ ).

But unofficially this all started when he was just a child who wanted to conquer the world and be a great person like his father ( My Idol ).

When he was a kid and was in his 6th or 7th grade he was fat and his mom always stopped him from eating Junk food.

So as his mom was not giving him money to buy those he decided to earn his own chocolates and Ice creams. During that time Cartoon cards were popular like Elon Musk right now.

So he decided to sell cartoon cards for that he found a guy in his class who was selling those and he used to buy them from him at a very very low cost as he did a barter deal with him to complete his homework also.

So usually he bought from him at Rs 2/pack and sold to his seniors and juniors at Rs 5/pack. Made a profit of Rs 3/pack and that Guy made a profit of Rs2/pack + additional services from his end.

So His Passion for Marketing, Ad making, and Sales was there from Childhood. He enhanced them when he came to college and learned new things

He is Fun-loving, has a craze for learning new things, and also Ads.

So guess that’s enough to know about him

So hope you liked the section and wasn’t boring like others.

If you think that you can vibe or he can fit somewhere.

Please let him know by DMing him or mailing him at sanmaya.social@gmail.com

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Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday
Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday
Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday
Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday
Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday
Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday

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Google reviews Sanjit Growonlinetoday

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