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Case Study 7 – CafePuraniJeans Restaurant Paid Ads and Cost Analysis

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1000 Likes In 7 Days

As per our requirement, Sanjit setup our restaurant’s facebook & instagram page & also setup backend of our website properly. Amazing work!

Suneet Roy

Founder, Cafe Purani Jeans


Cafe Purani Jeans is one of the local restaurants of Kalyani, West Bengal.

Their target audience is the local students of Kalyani.

And they wanted to build awareness more to their target audience.



As a newly opened restaurant with little marketing budget left, they wanted to increase the awareness of their restaurant as soon as possible.

Also, they spent a large chunk of their budget on building their restaurant som they had little operating expenditure left.

So, they wanted to breakeven as soon as possible.


I proposed to my client that since, due to our limited marketing budget, we need to first set up the restaurant’s Facebook and Instagram profile.

And we need to get a few followers on Instagram and maybe get at least 1k likes on Facebook to boost credibility.

And then I proposed to set a proper Facebook banner for the Facebook page and schedule a daily post of food photography.

This will give a sneak peek about what restaurant’s menu item is.

Then I set up the Facebook business manager of my client’s restaurant to get proper access to his Facebook page and ad account.

At last, I designed an ad campaign to get page likes.

I set the target audience at age 20-30 years of old with location around Kalyani, with Facebook audiences. And started running the ads with a photo of food.

Facebook page as of March 16, 2020

Instagram page as of March 16, 2020.


After running the campaign for 7 days, I got my client around 1K likes on the Facebook page.

The average CPC was around Rs.2. 

And the reach was about 8K-9K.

Moving forward, the likes on the Facebook page will help boost the social proof of the business.

And then, it will also help with the awareness of the business.

CpC on puranijeans
likes on cafepuranijeans

Final Result on Ads and Page Likes

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