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Case Study 1 – MyKolkataOnline.com

by | Jun 23, 2020 | Case Studies | 0 comments

Developed it in 2 Days (WooCommerce)


My client has a shop in Kolkata to sell clothes to the resident of Kolkata.

But they decided to sell clothes online to expand their business.

So, they hired me to build an eCommerce website for them.



Due to COVID scare, their cash reserves were depleting fast due to salaries and other expenditures. And sales were not happening.

Stocks of clothes were building up and very few buyers were coming.

So, they wanted to increase their sales through any medium possible.


I proposed to my client to build an eCommerce website as fast as possible.

  • First I chose a consistent font to go with the website. I usually choose Roboto as it’s like a universal font.


  • I added a popup with a transparent background, to give the new customer a discount.



popup discount

Popup on the website

Website as of June 30, 2020
  • Most of the websites do add a carousel. But still, I try to avoid a carousel.
    Because most of the time it distracts the visitor and not user-friendly.


  • Then I added a CTA button above the fold. And made the color the CTA so, it stands out from the rest of the website.
    I didn’t use red color because red stands for danger. So, I try to avoid that color for CTA.


  • Also, I added a popular section to guide visitors on what’s trending on your website.


  • Later I added high-quality images with enough lighting. High quality attracts visitors and makes them trust more into the product.  I took images of the product without packaging and with added white background.


  • I also enabled the geotagging option in WooCommerce. It calculates the shipping fee according to the location.


  • WooCommerce has 2 types of descriptions. The short description is where you try to sell the product. Here, you use all your secret copywriting skills to sell the product. The long description is where you go in detail about your product. So, I added the description accordingly.


Within 2 days, I made the website live.

Moving forward, the client can sell online also to generate more revenue for the clothes shop.

Check out the website here.


Homepage as of June 30 2020

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