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Case Study 3 – TheHomesteadista.com Website Redesign

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150% Jump in Traffic

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Lisa Quattlebaum

Founder, The Homesteadista

Video Testimonial by my Client


“TheHomesteadista” is a magazine company in Philadelphia, USA. They write articles on empowering women, focusing on the career niche. 

They were trying to generate revenue using various means on their website. And wanted to redesign their website while optimizing it with SEO.



The challenge was that the client was confused about how the company can generate revenue in the long term.

There were many ways. It can be either be through affiliate links or through making an app for women or maybe through partnerships or maybe in some other ways.

And there’s also the opportunity cost involved. The client can focus on one thing at a time otherwise, the company may spread itself too thin to generate any kind of revenue.

Plus, the website was not following proper best practices and was also not SEO optimized also.


I started by discussing with my client about her main goals first. I asked her about the competition and told her to describe her target audience.

Then according to inputs given by my client, I plotted a “Feasibility vs Importance” graph based on the goals she had.


feasibility vs importance

Example of Feasibility vs Importance

After plotting the graph, we came to the conclusion that the company needs to first start generating revenue using affiliate links.

Later, I asked her to describe her company in 4-5 keywords. And also, asked her to send some sample websites of her competitors.

Based on that I chose a theme and started working on the redesign of the website.

And also did an on-page SEO of the website’s main pages.

Later I also did a course on affiliate marketing and guided her on how the client can write SEO optimized articles to attract more website visits.



Website as of July 5, 2020


Within a few days, my client saw a 150% jump in traffic due to the website redesign.

Moving forward, the client can keep writing SEO optimized articles. This will help her get some affiliate earnings in the long term.

Check out the website here.

homesteadista analytics

Homesteadista Analytics

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