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Case Study 6 – Vastu Consultant Website

by | Jul 6, 2020 | Case Studies | 0 comments

Sanjit gave me consultation on our digital marketing requirement on which audience to target and helped us in website setup too. He was very professional too.

Anand Kamble

Founder, Swami Samarth Vastu


My client, based in Mumbai, give Vastu consultation to consumers who bought a new house.

So, they hired me to consult them for some marketing and website setup.



Due to the COVID lockdown, my client was locked in their house. And due to that, he was not able to go out to do outreach, to get new clients for them.

Plus, my client was a beginner in this digital marketing stuff, so they were not sure about whom and how to target online.


Since most of his clients come from real estate projects, where new houses are built.

I proposed my client to outreach to real estate brokers first, on Linkedin.

And guided him on how he can set up a drip-email campaign in snov.io, to send automated emails to his prospective clients.

Then for the website, I set up a basic theme for them and guided them on how they can update content on the website.

Also guided them on how they can add blogs and pages properly when needed.

Website as of July 6, 2020


Now, the client can focus on updating content on the website using blogs.

And moving forward, the client can outreach easily using Linkedin and using an email outreach tool called snov.io.

Check out the website here.

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